About Bay Tree Club

Bay Tree Club is located on the south end of Siesta Key, an eight-mile long barrier island connected to Sarasota and the mainland by two bridges, each on the North and South ends respectively. On the west (Gulf) side of the Siesta Key island you will find miles of sandy beaches, on the east (Bay)side, beautiful vistas.

In the early 1900’s, the land which now houses Bay Tree Club on Siesta Key was owned by a family from Brighton, Michigan. At the time the property had a fishing cottage on stilts with a porch overlooking the bay. The cottage was made of pine wood and arrived on barge from Tampa as there were no bridges from the mainland to Siesta Key at the time. The family planted 120 varieties of plants and trees on the estate, some of which still exist here at Bay Tree Club, our beautiful property today.

Bay Tree Club was one of the first condominiums built on the south end of Siesta Key. Gil Waters who bought the land in the early 1970’s lived on a houseboat moored in the lagoon near Turtle Beach. Mr. Waters was to become a well-known Sarasota visionary and the man behind the building of the new Ringling Bridge at Lido Key.

Bay Tree Club celebrated the 40th anniversary of its construction in 2012 by inviting Mr. and Mrs. Waters to witness the evolution of Bay Tree Club over those 40 years, along with all the owners, including some original owners who still had memories of the couple.

Bay Tree Club is one of the few properties on Siesta Key island located on both the Bay and the (Gulf) beach. Our residents and renters enjoy the serenity on both sides, the beach and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Bay with soft breezes flowing through the gorgeous ancient Virginia oaks bordering the water. There is plenty of room for boats on our docks, whether a kayak or a yacht. Fishing is fabulous, both on the Gulf and on the Bay.

The wildlife we enjoy at Bay Tree Club cannot be compared to anywhere else on Siesta Key island.

With 120 apartments in three buildings on six acres of naturally beautiful real estate, one does not have the impression of a large complex. Two heated pools are great for both the lap swimmers and the less ambitious dunkers. We are the only condominium on Siesta Key island with cabanas for each unit used to store bikes and beach gear.

It’s all here, just waiting for you to come and enjoy it.