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240 S. Pineapple Ave, Suite 301

Sarasota, FL 34236-3707

Requests for Certificates can either be faxed or emailed for processing.

The following information is needed:

  1. Mortgagee / Loss Payee Clause of Bank / Lender
  2. Loan Number
  3. Name of Condo Association
  4. Names of Unit Owners
  5. Property Address with Unit Number
  6. Return Fax / Email of Bank / Lender
  7. What you are requesting – Flood RCBAP Declaration Page, Certificate of Insurance or Both the Certificate of Insurance and Flood Declaration Page?

The information can be faxed to 941-893-2300 or emailed to

If you have any questions please call:

Nicole Ruth

Client Services Specialist


Wind Mitigation 8625 Midnight Pass

Wind Mitigation 8630 Midnight Pass

Wind Mitigation 8635 Midnight Pass






Fire Alarm Certificate 2022

Certificate of Property Insurance

Flood Insurance 2022-2023 Building A

Flood Insurance 2022-2023 Building B

Flood Insurance 2022-2023 Building C